Automation with transCON PLC according EN50155

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Automation-, Control- and I/O System

transCON is an Automation-, Control- and I/O System, developed for applications with high requirements on technology and environment, particulary on vehicles.

transCON meets the European standards for electronics on rolling stock
EN 50 155 (Tx -40°C bis 70°C) / mechanics, temperature
EN 50 121-3-2 / Electromagnetic

In addition transCON is GL certified (ship approval Germanischer Lloyd, Environmental Category C, EMC1)

System Data

  • Max. size/ field bus – node:
    120 digital I/O – signals (15 digital I/O modules) or
    32 analog input/16 analog output-signals (8 I/O modules)

  • Max. size/ PLC – node:
    80 digital I/O – signals (10 digital I/O modules) or
    32 analog input/16 analog output-signals (8 I/O modules)

  • Signal level:
    Digital I/O:
    24 VDC inputs
    24 VDC/1A outputs

    Analog I/O:
    ±10 V; 0 … 10 V
    0 … 20 mA; 4 … 20 mA

  • Electrical isolation:
    I/O – signals and power supply from the internal bus

System Advantages

  • Modular and compact
    Suitable for locations where space is at a premium

  • Outdoor suitable
    Extreme environmental conditions
    Rolling stock standards EN 50 155 und EN 50 121-3-2

  • Cost effective
    Optimal adapted Hardware to the Application (modular conception)

  • Easy to service
    Easy exchange of modules in case of repair
    Software diagnostic-tools

  • Multi-functional
    PLC with local I/O
    PLC with remote field bus nodes
    Remote field bus I/O nodes
    IEC 61131-3 programming tool



Power Supply

The module generated from the unregulated input voltage of 24 VDC the internal electronics voltages 5 VDC and 3.3 VDC. The supply the modules of the node are via the internal GREENBUS.


Bus Coupler

The bus coupler processes the data of the I/O modules and establishes the link to the CAN environment.



The PLC is a computer system that is suitable for railway applications with the Linux operating system. The user programming is done under CoDeSys IEC 61231-3.


Binary Input Module

The module offers 8 binary inputs. The continuous input current of 7mA guarantees a high level of signal reliability. Due to the potential-free design, the inputs can be switched in series.


Binary Output Module

The module offers 8 binary outputs. The maximum output load is 1A/ channel at 24V DC. Due to the potential-free design, the outputs can be switched in series. An external power supply for the electrically isolated circuits is not necessary.


Analogue Module

The module offers 4 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs for standard voltages and currents ±10 V; 0-10 V/ 0(4)-20 mA. The voltages and currents have a common ground.


Temperature Module

The module offers 4 analogue inputs for measuring temperature via PT100 elements. The inputs have a common ground. The temperature measuring range covers from -50 °C to 450 °C. The measurement is carried out in 2 and 4 conductor technology.



Continuation of the former product range ricosTP of Wieland Electric until 31.12.2017.
The compatible YACOUB transCON product line is of course still available.

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